Skype Therapy

In today’s modern age everything can be done over the internet.  It’s not really my preference but when you are starting out on a shoestring, it makes cents.  When I first heard of professionals doing therapy over the internet it was before Skype and cameras.  Now many households have cameras, microphones, video equipment, lots of gadgets on their computer available to create a virtual reach out to the world all in the privacy of their home.  Why not therapy?

With therapy, you have the ability to see each other through the camera and even hold your driver’s license up to prove your identity.  There won’t be a handshake or a pat on the back but this rarely happens anyway.  The concept is new and I haven’t even found many people advertising this online.  Though like everything else on the internet it starts out slowly before making its way into mainstream conversation. 

I enjoy Skype conversations because the concept is really fascinating.  I recall a textbook photo from the late 60’s that showed a woman talking to someone through a video phone.  The photo stated something along the lines of one day we will all be able to do this.  To the average person, Skype is our ability to be on the moon.  A concept that once seemed impossible and more of an entertaining concept is now very real.  Currently doctors are experimenting with the idea and so why not therapists?


What do you think?

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