As we embark upon the day of lovers, remember this: love, in and of itself is pure and simple.  Love is not obsession or posession but that secure, seductive, flirtatious, exciting moment when you look into their eyes and just know.

It isn’t like teddy bears or chocolate or sexy movies with unrealistic messages.  It is about touch, knowing, loyalty, giving, breathing and being.

The mystery of love is that it costs nothing but is worth everything.  The secret of love is that you must be yourself and hide your ego.  The meaning of love is giving and receiving because you must.

Love is not sex though it comes with the territory – some times.

Love is for those who feel worthy.

Love happens naturally.

Love creates peace.

Love has no need.  Love is not insecure or faithless.  Love distracts but consciousness reacts.  Love is not a bow and arrow but an energy between two souls that acknowledges each other when they meet.

Love needs no slaves, nor gadgets, nor tapes.  If you have to think about it, than it is not love.

The moment of love is every day, it is not a holiday or an anniversary when we are told to remember we are in love.  Love is right now.

We all have love from someone, from within, around us, know this and hold onto this and then let it go.


What do you think?

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