Healing the Body Holistically

Taking care of the self comes in three parts.  Mind – Body – Soul.  Each of these areas are treated when we work on the self.  Here are some good things to do in treating the self so that we can feel healthy, wealthy, pure, handsome, strong and good.

1. Water – Make sure to drink water each day, at least 8 oz. This helps digestion and purifying the body.  If you are at work it can be helpful to have a glass of water near you (where you won’t spill it).  This helps purify the air around you.  So does having plants around you (oxygen).  Creates a nicer environment at work.

2. Meditation – Work up to once/day but try to at least do this once/week.  Start with a minute, than five minutes and build up to 30-60 minutes.  A good trick is to put a kitchen timer in another room (where you can’t hear the ticking) and then when it goes off, it brings you back into the room but not quite so rudely.  Meditation calms the mind and purify’s the soul.  If you are a person who is easily agitated or has too much energy, trying calming or relaxing music, or visualization tapes.  The kitchen timer helps with too much energy because you know you have control since the timer is keeping time for you.  Meditation is good for spirituality and getting in touch with higher conscious.

3. Food – eat foods that you cook yourself (fresh) and try to stay away from microwaves and leftovers.  The more you re-cook, the less energy and vitamins it will have.  Also try to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, cutting down on red meat intake.  Everyone’s body is different, so you don’t have to eliminate red meat, just go to once/week or once/month.  Proper foods help immune system, balance, digestion and good mind.

4. Vices – Refrain from huge amounts of alcohol and drugs are definitely out of the question. I won’t touch the marijuana debate or the medical marijuana.  So I am not saying don’t drink but every day is excessive.  Try only drinking at parties or when a friend asks you out.  If you do pubs/bars every night after work, try to limit this to one time/week.  There is a lot of talk about red wine and I think if this is cultural than do what is normal but if it is not, don’t get started for fun as it will attack the body and shock it.  Cigarettes are obviously a choice that needs to be re-thought out.  Smoking defeats the purpose of healing the body.  When the body is filled with any type of substance from a vice such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, it will make the process of healing longer and more difficult to maintain balance within.  These will also inhibit psychic energy.

5. Exercise – Try to build up to some form of exercise everyday.  Once a week, take a class on some form of healing art such as yoga, Tai-Chi (sp?), Feldenkrais, movement, or other form I am not aware of.  These healing arts that I mentioned, in their original form are good for building spirituality too.   Even though you are not going to the gym or yoga class, still do some form of stretches during the day.  This is very good at work and there are books on doing postures at the desk.  Exercise is not about being physically fit, though this comes with the territory.  It is about awakening the body, mind, and soul and keeping it conscious and aware of what is inside as well as outside.

6. Sleep – Very important to get a good nights rest and this is dependent on you and what your needs are.  If you have forms of insomnia, good to sleep with tapes/CDs, sound machines but also chamomile tea, or sprinkling lavender on the pillows can help.  With lavender you can get oil to dab on a pillow and on your third eye (above your nose).  You can get lotions to massage onto the skin at night before bed.  Eye pillows with lavender work nicely on the eyes or put under the pillow.  As long as the scent reaches your nose it is a hard and fast cure.  Just do not ingest it.  Sleep keeps the mind and body in balance.  Technology such as television and computers will keep you up and give you insomnia.  Refrain from using the computer at least two – three hours before bed.  With television, do your bedtime cleansing ritual afterward (teeth, make-up, bathroom and lavender), this helps put body down.

7. Massage – Try to get one several times/year and if you can, once/month.   This helps reduce stress, rejuvenates the body, aids in digestion and nurtures the body.  If you absolutely cannot afford massage, try hot baths with a few drops of essential oil, a scoop of sea salt or bubbles at least once/week.  In winter use vitamin e oil for soothing dry skin.

8. Socializing – This is good for enriching the spirit and in these days it is essential to spend time in person throughout the week.  Communicating with someone who you are very close to at least once/week is good for mental health, calming the body, massaging the jaw and face.

9. Spirituality – it is very important to build a spiritual base of some sort.  This should occur as the spirit moves you.  It does not mean religion but being in touch with your intuitive self and higher consciousness.   This can be in nature, gardening, meditation, healing arts, cooking, puzzles/hobbies and even cleaning.  Whatever moves your soul.  Whatever you believe or don’t believe is not relevant.  The soul is in touch with the world around you and this is about being conscious of you as a person here on Earth.  This can also mean religion.

10. Mental Health – Psychotherapy is an important first step if you feel that you have some type of stress in your life that is overwhelming.  If you are aware that you have a mental health diagnosis that might require medication or does require it, you should consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist.  With psychotropic medications it is important to take them as they are prescribed and if you take issue with this bring it up with the doctor, rather than dealing with it on your own.  Mental health should never be ignored because when it is, none of the above really matters.  The above can help curb mental health issues but not necessarily remove them, especially if they are genetic or biologically related.

11. Physical, Dental, and Eye Health – everyone should see their doctor annually and receive a head to toe checkup.  Depending on gender, women must visit a gynecologist annually and after 40 there are other tests taken into consideration for both men and women.  Dentists should be seen annually for cleaning and Eye doctors as well, especially if you are wearing supportive devices.

12. Vitamins – Multi-vitamins are good for starters, until you’ve researched and learned what your body really needs.  However, we are not all the same people, so it stands to reason that your body will need different supplements than others.  Women almost always need Calcium w/Vit D., especially as we age and stop drinking milk, or if we eliminate dairy for allergies.  You can have a test done to see if you need Iron, men rarely if ever do.  Vit. C never hurts to take because its good for immunity.  Acidophilous is good for digestion.  Tips: Trader Joes has the cheapest vitamins, Whole Foods the most expensive (of anything!).  However, Whole Foods does have someone to talk to about Vitamins and they know what they are talking about.

13. Breath – Be conscious of your breath.  If you ever find yourself holding the breath, think about when this is happening and what you are doing.  Otherwise, breathe.  If in exercise, the body will not move properly if we are not being careful to breathe through postures.  Take breaths when communicating, in between turns.  Breathing is very important to consciousness, awareness and overall health.

A person who is conscious of this list and is doing their utmost to fulfill it should expect to find results in their well-being and you can also expect to be much more successful in life.  A happy person is fulfilled and productive.


What do you think?

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