Job Woes, Is the End in Sight?

Today I had a discussion with a young man (not a client) perplexed about the job market.  He had just taken the civil service exam.  The room was prepped for 300+ applicants but only 120 showed up.  The exam listed six positions but only one position was mentioned when you walked in, so he wasn’t sure about the average number/job.  He told me that this was an eye-opening experience for him.  After being isolated on the computer at home, sending out resumes, most without confirmation, today told him why he was getting no calls back. Even on positions he was very well qualified for.  It was depressing.

As he carried a Poly Sci undergraduate degree, we discussed the unemployment trends.  He said that the unemployment figures are ONLY counting people collecting benefits.  Some people ran out of money, some didn’t apply or renew or didn’t qualify.  They were not counted.  Then there are those who are working in jobs lower than what they are qualified for, barely making enough to live on.  They won’t be counted.  As the doubt and sadness continued to mount, our conversation went to the only possible conclusion,  “When will this ever end?”

While 40,000 jobs were supposedly created last quarter, we see police officers being laid off.  This means public safety is in jeopardy.  With all these people out of work and some barely making it, I am a little worried about the crime rate.  For those working in very good positions, several states are picketing their governor at their respective rotundas, as propositions are in place to alleviate bargaining power for unions.

So you must forgive me if I am not very optimistic about these articles on the web saying that the recession is slowly getting better.  If it is, I guess I am just way too ignorant to understand.

If you yourself find that you are in this predicament, there is one consolation.  As a nation we have survived times like this before: the depression, Civil War, inflation, McCarthy era, segregation, 9/11 and personally many people or families have struggled through obstacles and are better for having done so.  Not all will survive, which is very sad and a fact of life.  Most will though and this is through perseverance, determination and being open to change.  We are all in a crisis right now and it is important to come together, network and build connections, think outside the box, maybe it is time to move, join families, whatever it takes to stay on top so that you will succeed through and come out a winner.  The end in sight will be one where the world in which we knew it, is no longer the same.  What changes will be around the corner for me, for you, for them, who can say as it will be dependent on how you think, act and prepare during this challenge.


What do you think?

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