Choosing between Right and Wrong

Once again the celebrity world is faced with its life on a platter.  The ability to choose between right and wrong in life is not usually given to us in such an easy way.  Charlie Sheen has the devil and angel on his shoulders.  Sean Penn is offering him redemption by flying to Haiti and staying there for some time, cleaning up his image, getting his children back and doing something good for the world.  On the flip side, I can easily see Hollywood using Charlie’s “goddess,” living style as ripe for the reality circuit.  It will be interesting to see which side of the fence Mr. Sheen chooses.

The rest of us, who are not celebrities and do not have Sean Penn to offer us hope and courage online so that we can look at our choices, are forced to make decisions without the help of anyone.  Oh sure there is your family who continues to abuse you as always with their expectations.  Some of these wants just may be correct for you but hearing them with the same ears you’ve heard with for years and no longer trust for good reason, is bound to cause you to continue the path of the rebel.

It’s a tough decision to make in the real world.  Especially if you are in the stage of victim and are so wiped out from the tragedies of your life that direction is a choice you will make, no matter what the consequences of your actions because anywhere is better than here.

How do we, when we are down make the right choice?  How can we take the time to figure out which direction to turn to?  How do we know which is right and which is wrong? Especially when both seem exciting and interesting.

It is important to separate yourself from the trauma/chaos/obstacle first.  Find a safe haven.  Get away from family and friends.  Find a place in nature if possible and sit there for a long while soaking in the scenery.  Take a walk and at some point allow yourself to think.  Sometimes this may take several walks in nature.  Go to an art museum.  Take in the beauty of life somewhere, so that you can be surrounded with these gifts and this will make you feel more stronger as a person.

Listen to your intuition.  Which direction are you being led to?  Your higher consciousness always leads you in the right place.  While your friends and family mean well and are probably giving you the right answers, you need to figure them out on your own.  You need to know in your heart what makes sense.


What do you think?

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