The Dream Story

One of my specialties is dream analysis.  I can listen to someone’s dream and intuitively understand the story and what it might be trying to say to the person.  I have studied various dream elements and what the symbols mean though as Freud supposedly said “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!”

Dreams are important to the beholder and when they are very strong, you wake up knowing you are supposed to remember it and carry out the task.  But what is the task?  What does it mean?  Why are dreams so confusing and strange?  I can offer some idea of these answers. What I do know is that the unconscious mind knows all.  The conscious mind does not always want to know.  At night when we are very relaxed and in our dream state of consciousness, a story is played out in our minds that we sometimes wake up and recall vividly.  I think we have to hire interpreters to help us unlock the mystery, so that we are not alone when we find out.  Why in movie format?  It is easier to be entertained with a concept than to have it thrown in our face.  In real life, the answers are there, but we don’t always accept them.

To me, it does not matter whether you dream in color or not.  I think this is not relevant to the dream.  If you see in color – good for you!  What is more important is what you need to know about yourself.

It is also important that like a tarot card reading or other psychic, keep the analysis from the dream interpreter to yourself.  I have had people share their dreams with spouses or friends – when I have shared things that opened up a can of worms, and it did not end nicely.  If I see something, it is knowledge for you to think about and act on in your own way.  Dreams are not shared visions, just as lessons in life are not.  I’ve had a child tell me that she and her relative  shared the same dreams, whenever they had a sleepover.  This may be possible but even still the lesson is different for each.

Psychic dreams.  This is possible and it is also rare.  If you are a psychic, perhaps it happens more than not because you already have an open intuitiveness.  I think that many times having a psychic dream is something you realize in hindsight.  I’ve had dreams myself that I have written down and later looked back and saw exactly what was going on in my life.  Many people have feelings of something bad (or good) that is going to happen, which is similar.  You don’t know exactly what it is but you can just feel it.  Some people have also just known because it was spelled out as clear as day.  I’ve heard of people who dreamed about a person’s plane crash and called to tell them to stay home.  That is interesting, but for the most part, our dreams are mainly trying to help us through our stubbornness, not tell us about pending doom.

Re-occurring dreams.  These are the most powerful to me.  This is where your unconscious is doing everything it can to hit you over the head with reality.  This is a lesson that you desperately need to work through but are not for some reason.  Victims of violence or life threatening situations have re-occurring dreams about the perpetrator or event.  This is a sign that you need to be in psychotherapy.  The dreams will not go away until you have released this tension from your mind, body and soul.   Generally speaking people who have these type of dreams (I am still talking about the victims) are suffering from PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder.  Which means dreams are not the only symptom.  It also means that in your waking life, there is a lot of distress as well.

For others, who are not victims, reoccurring dreams might be something that is nagging at you.  Lets say you continue to dream about friends from high school and you have been out of school for quite some time, maybe even a decade.  This is a loss of youth, innocence.  It can be helpful to attend the next school reunion and re-connect with old pals and even people you were not friends with.  This will help to deal with the frustration in your unconscious – when you face the person (s) from your dreams.  Reunions help us to grow as people.  Grief or abandonment of friends take more time for some than others.

You can also have re-occurring dreams about an ex-lover.  This does not necessarily mean that they are waiting for you to return to them.  It is not their dream, it is yours.  It often means that you miss them.  It might mean that you need to learn something more from that relationship, in order for you to move on in life.  This doesn’t mean you need to call them up or email them, it just means you need to re-visit the relationship in your mind and figure out what went wrong, what is similar to other relationships, who were you being in that relationship that needs to shift?

Dreams are a mirror to our soul.  Jung believed that each person, animal or thing/object in the dream was a representation of you.  A Jungian analyst will say something like, “What is that tree to you?”, “How are you a tree?”  Many dream interpreters get caught up in the symbols themselves and focus on them.  I personally like to just hear the whole story and ask questions about it before I delve in.  Sometimes I hear the symbols and think of their meaning in relation to the dreamer.  Other times the whole story seems to say something in and of itself.  It is quite fascinating and something I have been doing for several decades.  Like with all psychic gifts, an awareness I just realized was there one day when I heard a dream and told the person what I felt from it.  They were so amazed by what I said, it was if I had just had an awakening myself.  I hadn’t realized what I was doing when I started.  The spirit just moved me!

Whatever dream analyst you choose to listen to, Jungian, Freudian (called a psychoanalyst), symbol oriented, or just dream interpreter, does not really matter.  As with all psychics, psychology professionals, or any other person you hire in any business, what matters is how you feel about the person when you meet them and whether you like what they say.  Trust your instincts.  Trust the dream.  When the answers come, you will know if they are right or not.  You may not want to admit it is the correct interpretation, but somewhere deep inside your body, you feel it.


2 thoughts on “The Dream Story

  1. I don’t usually remember my dreams. Except that they are tiring. Why can’t one dream about nice things instead of rehashing the same old realities? A nice turquoise lagoon, warm sands, a handsome waiter serving margaritas, etc. 🙂 Or at least something working out right.
    I have had the recurring ones ( at least one of those came true) and made one of them into a short story. Now I can’t remember the actual dream though.
    Interesting topic.

    • I wonder what the Dalai Lama dreams about? My assumption is that if your life is absent of chaos, than perhaps your dreams are different. However, we all have things to learn in life and I imagine even he does, just on a different level than us.

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