Drugs or Wellness, Obesity or Health?

Diane Sawyer did a remarkable story last night, on ABC World News Tonight, explaining to Americans that we use more drugs (legal ones) than any other country in the world.

Although it is used by many doctors and patients for legitimate reasons, accidental overdoses from Vicodin and other narcotic pain relievers kill more people than car accidents in 17 states now, according to Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Shocking!  I was left thinking about all the Holistic Practitioners in this country who are in need of clients and who are able to help people on their journey to wellness with no side effects.  So why do we choose to be drug dependent for the rest of our lives – which basically means drug addicts – rather than choosing to go with old-fashioned remedies used by our ancestors when drugs were not even invented?

Yes, it costs a little more money to see a holistic practitioner but the visits are not on-going.   They are like brief therapy – it does not go on forever.  When you take the time to add up the costs of going to see a holistic practitioner vs. the costs of medication for the rest of your life, you will see it is much cheaper.  The value to your life is much greater as well. 

If you see a holistic practitioner, you will not become obese, I can guarantee it.  Well, not from the medication they will not give you.  You can become obese because you eat enough for ten people but that won’t be the practitioners fault.  A nurse I know told me that each drug has at least seven side effects associated with it.  Often weight gain is one of them, which is the reason for so many overweight folks in this country – that and an increasing desire for folks to have no scruples about what they put in their body (i.e., junk food/fast food).

Holistic health only requires that you have a little faith in the practice.  This is because healing comes from within as well as from the support of the practitioner.  Holistic health does not work immediately as a drug will pretend to do but over time you will feel more healthy and happier.  You trust your doctor, who is many times forcing drugs down your throat, why not take a moment to trust the healthy guy/gal who is taking the time to listen to your concerns?  A holistic doctor or practitioner will spend quite a long time in a visit with you.  Often there is a first visit which can take more than an hour.  Have you ever spent that much time with your doctor?  No, but yet you trust them?  Very odd mindset that we have.

If you watch “Mad Men,” the television series about ad-men in the 60’s, you will see where the drug addiction began.  Teenagers were rebelling from their 50’s quiet generation of parents with hallucinogenics, mushrooms and pot.  Their 60’s parents were being groomed for drug addicts through all types of pain killers, sedatives, and uppers to keep them from gaining weight.  It is not a shock as to why the following generations believed that drugs were the only answer to their problems.   They grew up with a pill here and a pill there, a pill everywhere.  Judy Garland died from this.  As a young actress she was fed pills for one thing or another to the point she became so dependent on them she died from them.  Now we are hearing, as in the quote above that more people die from legal drug overdoses than car accidents!

Why is pain such a bad thing?  Hey, I’ve had a dislocated shoulder and believe me it was not a fun process getting through this.  However, being a holistic practitioner myself, I get concerned about using meds.  I was given Vicodin and I took it a few days.  Then I realized that it didn’t work that well and if I wanted to know when the pain was getting better, shouldn’t I not take it?  Oh, how horribly pissed my doctors and physical therapists were with me that I felt this way.  They continued to push it so that I had to lie about taking it to get them to leave me alone.  One physical therapist said she wouldn’t see me again unless I was on the meds.  How horrible that they refused to support me in my healing!  So I lied and I got better in the same amount of time as the guy taking the pills.  This is because the medication did not make my arm move any better.  Time and exercise are the only thing that worked.

I also remember being in a doctor’s office requesting time off for stress from work.  My doctor had a sample of pills in his hand and he continued to try to push them on me the entire visit.  His hand was shaking as he listened to me.  It was like talking to a junkie.  He was so desperate to give me the pills.  All I wanted was time off to relax from the pressures I faced.  I knew if I had the time off, I would be okay.  Drugs were not going to help me at all.

We have kidded ourselves into believing that drugs are the answer to everything.  We have refused to listen to our bodies and work with it.  We have seen our families popping pills and learned that this is the answer to pain.  Yet, pain is not a bad thing and when we face it head on, we grow as a person.  Enlightenment comes with a price.  A long journey of discovery. 

You owe it to your body and your family to beat this addiction and try holism.  Sure there are certain diseases that require medication, or so you may think.  I’ve known people who were so encouraged to live without medications their faith led them to research and talk to various holistic people until they found a cure.  Of course not everyone will live forever.  Some diseases are probably not going to go away either.  It is the course in life we must take when this is our destiny.  But to give up without trying alternative treatments first, without becoming dedicated to your health, it is the same as committing suicide.  Drugs are not going to cure you.  People die from cancer who are on medication.  On the flip side, people who do yoga, practice healthy living, invest in spiritual gain, they die from natural causes.  Don’t give up and give in to drug intake!  Your body will appreciate it and you will live a happier life!!  Won’t you consider holistic health as an option first? 

To read the article from Diane Sawyer’s interview go here:



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