Will the lovers bring hope?

The symbolism in retrospect of the marriage and divorce of Charles and Diana is really fascinating when you think about it.  When you compare it with the upcoming nuptials of their first-born, there is hope for the future.

In the first marriage we had a woman who was a virgin, naive, looked admiringly at her fiance while he gave her a few furtive glances now and then (if I knew then what I know now).  She was the last princess to have the chastity test whereby a doctor comes in and performs an invasive check-up down below to prove she is pure (did Fergie have one? Not sure).  She was the first princess where hers and her husbands sex life was on stage, subsequently reality shows and President Clinton’s oral sex became natural for children to hear about.  Paparazzi began to be a term everyone spoke about and their power to manipulate knew no boundaries.  She was the first princess to admit her mental health issues, domestic violence and then subsequently go through a divorce, avoiding having her head chopped off or being thrown in a tower.

Meanwhile, with all these modern changes in royalty, life as we know it begins to show its demise.  Prior to the wedding, the only major terrorist event domestically was Charlie Manson and Jim Jones.  After the wedding, school shootings became commonplace, 9/11, children on milk cartons, reality shows, gangs instead of Mafia, everyone’s an addict, drive-by shootings, major recession for more than a few years and kids walking around with their underwear sticking out.  Amongst many other major changes to our life, our values, our way of thinking.

Now, we have a modern woman who has already slept with her fiance and both of them appear to be gazing at each other whenever on camera.  They laugh and kid each other, they seem to have an equal relationship (yeah he could be king but that is not what I mean).  The appearance is vastly different then that of Charles and Diana.  Apparently, this relationship is much more honest as well.  Will and she have been together for about a decade now.  They went to school together – college romances can be a strength.  Will doesn’t have a history of being a player, he is too much like his mother.  Could this be the beginning of hope on the horizon?  Will royalty continue in the UK post Elizabeth?  Will people begin to be more conscious of their life and the world around them? 

The Age of Aquarius is almost here, of course we’ve heard this for quite some time by the astrologers but it is set for 2012.  The year the Mayans ended their calendar, probably because an “age” is 2,150 years old.  I am assuming that they knew that by the time 2012 came along, someone else could take over the calendar responsibilities going forward.  I think it is also symbolic of life as we know it.  The age of Aquarius has to do with enlightenment.

People fear the “end” because they think this means death and in fact it does when you consider the term enlightenment.  Death would mean the end of the ego.  It would be scary because the idea that you would begin to live your life differently, that change would occur is hard to conceive when you are used to living as is.  Of course if an “age,” lasts 2150 years, I am thinking that it will take time for enlightenment to take place globally.

Meanwhile, up until now, when I look back at all that has happened since Charles and Diana the world has been shaken up pretty badly.  Their relationship was horrible.  So I ask myself, what will happen as two people who actually have mutual love step out in the world as man and wife.  Two people devoted to charity. Will has always seemed to be very humble – keeping with his mother’s path.  He seems devoted to tradition yet capable of moving things forward in a way that works for everyone.  He is also marrying a commoner with class and this is a real-life Cinderella tale if there ever was one.  Finally we will get to see what happens when she marries Prince Charming.  I will be tuned in and careful to observe the events of the next decade and then look back in retrospect to this moment. 

What do you see as possibilities from this symbolic new beginning?


What do you think?

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