Marrying a Prince

This topic surely is on many young girls minds at this time.  It is also one that many of us older women still think about from time to time.  I don’t necessarily mean this literally of course because there are just not that many royals in the world. How could we meet them anyway, if we don’t happen to even live in a country with royals and if we do, don’t happen to be in the same class, attend the same university, pub they happen to frequent, etc…  Yet being a psychology professional, I find it to be a fascinating subject surrounding women and the men they choose.

The currently titled Duchess of Cambridge found her calling due to the priorities she set for herself, as well as a large amount of self-respect.  These qualities can only be found in a young woman who was raised in a relatively normal household with a great deal of importance placed on their children’s well-being.  The Middleton’s appear to be a happy couple who have been married, I understand for thirty years.  They allowed their daughters to be self-sufficient, taught them to have self-respect and made sure they had a decent education.  This is something we can all presume based on what we have seen so far.

The Duchess of Cambridge had the self-restraint to wait the eight years it took to walk down the aisle.  When he decided to walk away at one point, instead of desperately sitting by the phone or wallowing in self-pity, she picked herself up and went out on the town, dating another young chap from the university, all of which was publicized.  This personality style is a true sign of a successful person of any gender. 

These are qualities we must observe and consider if we wish to be successful in finding the right man.  Unfortunately, many of us have been raised in households unlike hers and it is why we often choose a man like Charles, whom Diana felt smitten by.

As a young woman, you have a whole lifetime in front of you.  If you want to marry a “prince,” you must look at yourself and the way you think.

1. Have patience and consider the qualities of the men you choose.

2. If he does not appear to have your interests at heart, nor seems to be one who shares your values – walk away and find one who does.  Set this boundary and stick with it.

3. Use birth control and do not ever consider going back on this until you have married the right man.

4. Focus on having a career, so that you have other things to think about besides men. Become an independent woman who is someone others want to be like.  This is a trait that is respected and admired in princely men.

5. When you have found him, don’t take it for granted – ever.

If you are an older woman, hope is not lost.  It might take some time to rebuild your self-esteem in therapy but consider this a worthwhile investment.  Very few of us came from normal families with loving parents and we’ve all made horrible mistakes as young women.  After taking this advice, steps 1-5 work for you as well.

Now get out there and do it!


What do you think?

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