Change Me Please!

Image consulting is a fashionable concept on television.  People are on reality shows to have their bodies altered through weight training or knife slicing, they are having someone tell them what to wear, homes are being redecorated, curbs are being given an “appeal,” and some goofy looking guy from Britain is forcing schools to adopt nutritious menus in favor of the junk they are serving now.  All of this is forcing American’s more and more to become identity conscious and their self-esteem has plummeted to an all time low.

I see Image Consulting as a holistic concept, where I can combine psychotherapy with fashion. Two things I am most passionate about. 

  • A person who is overweight or obese has an eating disorder and they are not going to be a “changed person,” simply by losing weight.  We have to look at the meds they are on, the physical limitations or disorders, their sense of self-worth, where all of these interpretations came from for a start. So it is not enough to lose weight, you must also begin to work on the person within.  Once you have dealt with the whole person, you will see long-term vs. short-term results.
  • A person who is getting a new makeover (clothing, hairstyle, make-up tips), is still the same person on the inside.  Beauty comes from within.  You can dress like a man/woman with a million dollars and still look like an unhappy person. Therefore, before you invest in a professional to change your outward appearance, it is important to work on your inner voice.
  • You can alter the design of your living room, curb, or even build a whole new house in front of viewers but if the inside of that house continues to have domestic violence, child abuse, infidelity, addictions, mental illness, people are still going to feel uncomfortable when they walk through your door.  They won’t be able to explain it but they will know something is just not right.

The image consulting which I adhere to is an inside/outside job.  This involves a person to be committed to physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health workout routines. Your identity will shift when all of these things bring you peace of mind.  You cannot change unless you are 100% certain that you want to change and are willing to do whatever it takes.  Change is an evolution of body, mind and spirit over your lifetime.  Unless you have reached total enlightenment, the stages never end, as we are always growing.

This does not mean you stay with the same teacher forever though.  It means that you start out with someone who you trust.  That you take some time to get to know this person who you will be working with and make sure they are dedicated to your whole being.


What do you think?

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