Taking Care of Self

For those of us reading this in Columbus, Ohio, you may or may not be aware that Mozart’s Bakery and Restaurant now owns Vienna Ice Cafe.  I continue to get emails from them showing photos of the delicious treats you can purchase there, which make this – not your ordinary ice cream store. Today, after receiving it I felt compelled to write an article on taking care of the self.

Taking care of the self will always include mind, body and soul.  This means the non-hedonist who consumes that which makes them happy within reason.  A delicious gourmet treat at the ice cream store that you partake in once in a great while.  One who would savor the delicacy by eating it slowly and really appreciate the taste of the fruit and cream.

Have you ever done this?  Take a bite of some food, that you love more than anything and just hold it in your mouth for a few moments.  This is an exercise in conscious eating.  When we eat quickly, we often get problems with our digestion.  This causes heartburn, gas, and other intestinal tract concerns. If we eat when we have emotional concerns; sad, angry, depressed, this can have similar repercussions. Even doing good-for-you things like swallowing vitamins when we are rushed can get stuck in pipes. (I’ve just realized a teaspoon of honey helps glide it down without pain – water took too long to dissolve it).  How about the times when you went to swallow but you were with friends and thinking quickly then your breathing restricted and you choked on a simple glass of water?

Our body is constantly telling us to slow down and take it easy.  Even if it means forcing you to listen with painful signals from within. Love your body, love yourself. Eat healthy.  Indulge in a little gourmet now and then. And of course get plenty of exercise and refuel when you do (another article on that to come).


What do you think?

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