Workout to Feel Better

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No matter whether you are pissed off, sad, depressed, disappointed, frustrated, you fill in the adjective, working out will help you to feel better about your self. It does not take away the incident though it will help you to gain better perspective.  And, if you choose to do this at least once/week or more you will find that your attitude toward life gains new meaning.

My advice is to do more than once/week as you get better at the sport with practice.  The better you are, the more confident in the activity you will feel.  Also, your body looks awesome!

Don’t have money? Slip on some tennis shoes and start walking or even running.  Go to the library and rent some workout tapes you can do from home. Even get a cheap jump rope from any store and start massaging your inner child.  Though no routine will have consistence without a workout buddy.  Find another person in your neighborhood who would be willing to do this with you. Can’t find someone? Look on to see what local exercise activities are available in cycling, jogging, hiking, etc…

Do you have money? Get a pal and go buy a membership at a gym.  Join a couple of group sports (no pal necessary as you will meet lots). Get a bike and join the city cycling club (the one with different levels (look for the words “no drop rides”).  Join the  Sierra Club and start hiking with their group. Look on to see what local exercise activities are available in cycling, jogging, hiking, etc… A group keeps you accountable.

Whatever sport you undertake, make sure you learn about proper nutrition as well as heart monitor gadgets. You will harm yourself if you do not refuel during an exercise routine.  The least of which is drinking water – simple yoga class.  The more harder you train and more rigorous the game, talk with your new sports team and ask what they generally will do.  If you get involved in a charity ride, walk or run, you can get trained on how to refuel from them.  Also, a private cycling shop generally loves to talk shop.  I am sure the same is noted at any sports facility that sells equipment.

Whatever you do, don’t do it alone.  How many people do you know who have invested in sports equipment for the home that sits there gathering dust? Trust me that even if you can’t find someone nearby to exercise with you, joining a group will bring you plenty of new friends very quickly.  Sports groups can spend endless amounts of time talking about their activity.  When you join, you are never alone.  When you workout, you feel good about yourself.  When you are consistent, your life changes!


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