Healing Horses

This past weekend, my grandson and I attended an open house at Serendipity Stables here in Ohio. They have one the 2nd Sunday of each month from 12-4, or you can schedule a private appointment.  I recommend warmer months though, unless you love the bitter cold! Other professionals told me that these horses are majickal since they are psychic and they can offer healing to those in need.  As a psychotherapist, I was curious to learn more as I am a very open minded person.

My grandson didn’t understand the majickal aspect and I didn’t know what to tell him.  He is new to these things.  “Do they have wings?” he asked. “No, they don’t have wings. They aren’t unicorns.” I said.  “Yeah,” he said, “Those are just in stories.” Then a few minutes later,”Then why are they majickal?” Of course this was the million dollar question that I understood in my heart but I had no clue how to explain to a novice practitioner of the arts. “I guess we will have to wait and find out.”  Then he turned to the other magical question.  “Are we getting closer yet?”

This is definitely a stable of horses you will have to go and see for yourself, but I will do my best to tempt you.  The barn is probably one of the cleanest I have ever seen.  Since raising horses runs in my family, I have seen plenty. The staff that work with the horses, truly love animals but they are just as good with people as they are with horses.

If you have ever been around gifted psychics or healers, than you will know you are amongst some incredible beings here.  In this case, their eyes, their look, the feel of their skin, is nothing like any other horse I have ever seen.  When I saw their photos online, I was amazed at what I saw and when I got there in person, I was not disappointed. The animals can be chosen by you, but generally, they know who is the right person for them.

One of them seemed to be talking to us when we first got there.  This was the youngest horse of all.  My grandson picked this one out, I think assuming that when they said 3 years old, it would be a colt, not something taller than either of us.  This horse was very active though, as it was young and liked horsing around with the gentleman working with him.  I say talking to us, because it felt like it had so much to say with all of its movements.  There were other horses there as well, equally beautiful and with the softest down I have ever felt.  All of them enjoyed being petted and playfully nuzzling your jacket.

My favorite was the oldest one, Sere (pronounced Serry, not Sarah). She is blind in one eye but as beautiful and amazing as any fairy horse you will ever see in a book. Sere walked right up inside the barn in front of us while I was talking to one of the volunteers.  She went away for a bit while we continued to chat but then when I went outside, I saw she was in front of my car.  In fact, she never left my car until someone had to come and get her.  I think it was symbolic.  As if she was saying, “I am (or we are) here if you ever need us.”

Both my grandson and I did get a “reading” from one of the horses.  I was not clear which one it came from because there were two around us when it took place.  The reading comes from the psychic interpreter (volunteer).  We didn’t specifically ask for one but it was clear the horse had something to tell us.  It was certainly relevant to both our lives.

Later, I watched Sere do what is called a “healing stance,” which is when they stand a certain way when they feel the people around them need some sort of healing.  The stance was done without any commands which made it even more amazing. I am used to animals doing things when they hear certain words, but these horses clearly lived their own lives and worked with those who were open and receptive to what they had to tell or give them.

After we left, I observed some changes in my grandson.  Without going into a lot of details about his life, I can only say that he is generally very reserved around me.  That afternoon, he became very goofy but I knew it meant he was relaxed. I think the healing energy of the horses put us both in a very good space.  I invite those of you who are reading this – who live within driving distance, to check out their website and learn more.

For Professionals – This is an adjunct to the work you are doing with your client already.

For Clients – This is something you can do outside of therapy which will help your life tremendously.

Some issues they have been known to help with –

  • Autistic children
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

No matter what your age, these horses are there for all.  If you can, take the opportunity to experience the love and safety of these wonderful creatures. It isn’t free, they have to eat and it takes a lot of work to take care of these animals and their trainers. The experience will be well worth the time.


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