Religion – Don’t give children a choice, give guidance

As a very spiritual woman who did make a choice as an adult, I say this because I had a strict religious upbringing that enabled me to do so but I had to start from somewhere. So often I hear the new generation expecting their children to make a “choice,” in regards to religion but what are they supposed to base this on?  How can I choose chocolate or vanilla if I don’t even know what the flavors are?  If I don’t even know what either taste like?  This is a very basic analogy to why a child cannot make a “choice” about something they know nothing about.

The reason that young adults are now concerned about choices is because they are rebelling against the way they were raised.  Of course this makes sense but the problem is that you, a young adult, are now forcing your child to have no religious upbringing at all – just to get back at your parents.  There can be a happy medium here.  This is to raise your child in the religion you were raised in, so they have some fundamental knowledge of what religion is.  It is a start.  A child should also not be forced to make a religious decision at all, because they are a child.  Would you want them voting for president?  Would you want them determining your household budget?  No, of course not. This is because they are not capable of understanding any of these things.

I have studied many religious paths, in order to come to my spiritual feelings. My journey began at about 19 or 20, but I grew up with Christianity. So I had some understanding of what religion was and I began to find my way home to the path that made sense to me.  Along the way I have encountered adult children striving to make choices based on no religious upbringing at all. These people are generally confused and so desperate for answers that they are usually ungrounded and fall victim to very bad teachers.

You usually find these adult kids who are making choices, going to cults instead of legitimate teachers.  They roam the Earth looking for guru’s and find themselves in all kinds of trouble.

There is nothing wrong with sending your child to the local church, temple, mosque, synagogue and allowing them to learn something about their family beliefs and history. If you don’t want to behave like your parents than don’t.  Don’t do the same things your parents did.  Most likely taking you to a religious institution as a child was not the bad thing your parents did.  The bad part was enforcing strong beliefs down your throat that had nothing to do with religion, but their personal parenting style. If your place of worship was where bad things happened, then don’t go there.  Choose another place to take your children.

Not raising your children with religion is no different than starving them of food. Spiritual nutrition is very similar to physical nutrition because both enable the body and human to grow as an individual. Think about this the next time you ponder over your child’s religious education with your partner. Children don’t need to be raised with “choices” they need guidance and parents who will teach them about life.


What do you think?

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