Make One of your Resolutions be to Heal the Mind

Happy New Year! This is the time to make resolutions about losing weight, going to the gym, finding the right guy/girl, etc… So, what about working on healing your mind from whatever ails you?  I say this because I get a lot of clients who are talking to me about something terrible that happened to them years ago.  I am often amazed how many years they have been holding onto guilt, fear, sadness, frustration, anger but most of all pain and suffering.  Let this be a new year, starting out with the new improved you.  If you want this, it has to begin with the mind in order for all the other resolutions to come to fruition.

Think about all the resolutions that are made for example:

1. Lose weight – If you really have issues with weight (i.e., obesity or almost there), than what is really going on is an eating disorder.  No diet is going to work until you have spent some time finding out what is behind all of this.  Most likely it isn’t the food you are eating but your relationship to the food you are eating and what it symbolizes.

2. Find the right man/woman – How old are you as you are making this statement for the umpteenth time?  Why are you not with the right man/woman?  Is it perhaps because you were not taught to set boundaries as a young child?  Is there a history of abuse? Is it the type of male/female role models you had growing up (alcoholic, drugs, absent one, mentally ill parent)? Finding the right man/woman will not happen until you have built up your self-confidence so that the man you meet is equal to whom you have become.

3. Getting finances in order – What is your relationship to money?  Do you feel that you deserve it?  Do you always end up with some unseen circumstance every time you seem to break even?  Are you in the career that you love? All these reasons are keeping you from making the money you wish to make.

Those are just a few reasons why this year would be a great time to do something really different and make an appointment with your local psychotherapist.  And don’t just make an appointment, but make a commitment to dealing with that which has been holding you back once and for all.  Then you will find that all your resolutions will come to fruition.


What do you think?

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