Guilty, Guilty, Guilty, Justice for Survivors of Abuse

As I read the article today, giving the results of the Sandusky trial, I couldn’t help thinking of Nicole Simpson who’s murderer is still alive and walking free. Unlike the trial of her ex, where they took advantage of police errors, this did not work today. Unlike all the abused children (and adult survivors) whom I have worked with for the past 12 years, whose stories did not and will not ever go to court, today was a day where all of their voices were heard.  It is not okay to take advantage of a child physically, sexually or emotionally.

Thank you to the jurors who listened and spoke out and gave the passionate plea of guilty, guilty, guilty.

Parents (ALL ADULTS) please listen when your child (a child) tells you that someone has touched them inappropriately. They do not lie when they have fear in their eyes. This is not a fib that a child will tell. It is not funny or silly and they are certainly not doing it for attention. It is a brave act when a child comes forward and feels strong enough to go to you. It means that they trust you will do something about it, when they cannot. Adults who see things that look strange or odd between an adult and a child. Trust you instincts. No one is above the law.

Fans of sports – These sports need to stay where they belong – in the arena, stadium, field, etc… You glamorize these people as if they are Gods. Sportsmen play with balls and have huge egos because of you. They are still human beings and have come from good AND bad homes. The cycle of violence is repetitive which is why it is called a cycle.


What do you think?

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