Do you know a potential Mass Murderer?

Every time life seems to be going pretty well, no major events popping up on our news groups, then suddenly another mass murderer jumps in on the scene and our lives are filled with fear, anxiety and concern. I worry more about what happens when we stop feeling this way. Maybe we are already there. But for the families of the victims in Thursday nights Colorado shooting, this is not just another mass murderer. This is the person who killed their son or daughter, boyfriend or girlfriend. It becomes personal and focused when it is someone you know.

James Holmes is now added to the list of Timothy McVeigh, Jared Loughner, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Who are these people and where did they come from?  The answer to this is different for each but all of them had neighbors, parents, and extended family. This we can be sure of.

We must think of the people around us in times of a crisis. Not just what if it were us, but who do we know that might possibly go in the direction of a mass murderer? What can we do to make a difference in the world? What one act of kindness toward a child on your block might cause the future to change? Is there a neighbor who we might get to know and befriend? Is there an organization we can get involved with that might benefit the mentally unhealthy? Should we be in counseling? Should our child, husband, family member be helped in some way? Lets cut the crap about saying they were a nice quiet boy who lived next door. Quiet doesn’t necessarily mean happiness or friendly. The guy might do favors for you or be nice to you because he is desperate to be accepted by someone. Quiet generally means isolated, fearful, concerned, unable to approach others.

Children in your neighborhood that seem to come from strange households; you should not ignore this. Perhaps they could be helped by mentoring them. Do you need to make a phone call to Childrens Protective Services? Don’t gossip about them with others, be an advocate. How many people (non-family members) can you thank for being there for you when you were a child? People who made a huge difference in your life? Give back.

There are two sides to this picture and this is a fact not an opinion. We are not going to see less mass murderers by continuing to deny the need for mental health services or funding. It won’t get better because we have everything under lock and key and are walking through security gates everywhere we go in life. The death penalty has been around since time began. Obviously it does not deter someone from spiraling down to a very dark place. It is time to put a stop to future violence by taking control now. Think about what I have offered here. What can you do? Don’t sit around waiting until it is your child in that movie theater, at the swimming pool, at school, on the plane, at the mall, etc…etc…


What do you think?

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