Express Yourself and Ask that Guy Out

“Come on Girls, Do you Believe in Love? Well I got something to say about it and it goes something like this…”

We are no longer in the Victorian era where women waited on the man to ask them out, knowing that it would lead to a long-term marriage proposal on a 500 acre estate, somewhere in England.

We won the right to vote almost 100 years ago, thanks to the suffragettes long hard struggle for almost 100 years before this law was passed.

We are now CEOs, entrepreneurs of million dollar companies, astronauts, leaders of nations, and yet we still read articles like “He’s just not into you.” or “How to make him love you.”  Do you see where the power lies?

Whoa! Hold me back. Imagine the sound now as the needle slides across the phonograph. Fingernails sliding down a chalkboard.

How about “She’s just not that into you.” or “How to make her love you.”

You don’t deserve second best.  You deserve the best.  But you have to take control over making that choice. Don’t sit around waiting to see what he thinks, find out for yourself. If he says no, move on to someone else.

Take power into your hands and make your own choices. With this type of control over your life you can stand up for yourself and be a woman. Now get out there and ask! Express yourself and Don’t settle for 2nd best!


What do you think?

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