Wide Awake [and Conscious]

The following lyrics are from Katy Perry’s song “Wide Awake,” which I have added the subtitle “And Conscious.” I love this song because it is raw and speaks to the mistakes we make as women in our modern society.

As women we often fall for the wrong guy because we want to be loved. It is important to love ourselves first before trying to tackle the concept of a relationship. Otherwise the songs will continue, the hearts will be broken, women will be beaten, children will suffer.

How do we do this? We have to realize that we do have control over the choices we make. We can’t sit around waiting to be asked, we have to take charge of our future and ask for ourselves. We are strong, powerful women, descendants of some key female players who shaped our history. We can’t let the hard work these women have done and continue to do go to waste.  We must create a future that is kind to our sisters, our daughters, our grandchildren.

Become conscious of the world around you and what you want out of life. Don’t choose to be with men until you are firmly grounded in your own universe. Until you have a plan in motion as to what you want for your future. Than be choosy and take your time getting to know the people you meet. Don’t rush in. Don’t ass-u-me. Trust your instincts.


What do you think?

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