She’s Just Not Into You

The last couple of days I have been on my kick to modernize women and dating, through this blog. I have taken what has become a cliche and created a female version. Here goes.

1. Girl smiles at you – This means she is being a nice person.

2. Girl smiles at you and you lock eyes – This means she is into you.

3. Girl sees your dirty apartment and walks out the door – she is just not into you.

4. Girl and guy go out and you the guy don’t let her get a word in edgewise – she is just not going to go out with you again. Clue #1 – do you know her last name? Clue #2 – what does she do for a living? Clue #3 – did she at any point in the conversation make a comment? Other than uh-huh?

5. Girl and guy go out and they engage in a conversation of common interests and she is smiling and twirling her hair or nervously twitching her leg back and forth – This means she is into you.

6. Girl and guy are friends but she doesn’t seem to want more than this – or she says no to a date – probably should let it go.

7. Girl student asks boy student to a lecture – probably because they are in the same class, not necessarily because it is a date. If she says maybe the two of you should get together for dinner sometime, maybe she is interested.

8. Girl gets drunk and you take advantage of her (rape) – probably a good sign this won’t be happening again. Call your lawyer.

9. Girl opens door for first date and you are standing there with flowers, chocolates, dressed in a tuxedo, limo waiting,  take her to a restaurant and begin serenading her – don’t be confused when she does not return from the bathroom.

10. Girl opens door for first date and you are eagerly waiting, dressed nice, maybe flowers, driving your own car, just being yourself – girl will be open to being into you.

11. Girl accepts a dance on the dance floor and then walks back to her friends afterward – girl not into you, just accepted a dance. Girl comes over to talk to you some more or dance with you a few more times – and seems to be paying attention to you – she might be into you. Then again, she could just be enjoying the evening and you are a willing partner.

12. Girl hears a pick up line at a bar – she is just not going to be into you bud. Let it go.

13. Girl says she is not into you and you ask “Why” and want to have a long conversation about it – Does it matter? Let it go. She is just not into you.

14. Girl knows you are married and you proposition her and she says “hell no!” – Girl is just not into you, leave her alone!

15. Girl does not answer the phone after 10x calling her cell – She is just not into you.

16. Girls car is in the driveway and she does not answer the door – She is just not into you.

The bottom line is that it is important to pay attention to the person you are with. Listen to what they are saying and what they are not saying.


2 thoughts on “She’s Just Not Into You

  1. Thank you for posting this , it reminds me of my dating experiences as a teen and that in fact things haven’t changed much since I was dating-25 years ago-)

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