Holistic Healing

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This is about the size of it! I thought I would share this cartoon with my online readers because I believe holistic health is the best and safest way to work on the self. It may seem strange to read this and think – oh, no fun then. We all have our vices. I love chocolate myself but I take it in moderation – when I crave it, not when I feel like it.

Today’s environment is very unhealthy. Is it any wonder that we have more and more people who are depressed, unmotivated, lethargic, bored, uncreative, and feel like crap? The “healthy” food bought in most supermarkets today is twice the size it is supposed to be. If you grew up on a farm or visited one when there was no such thing as corporate farming, you know what I am talking about. When you eat a good old fashioned organic piece of fruit or vegetable, you taste it. Eating an apple gives the feeling of laying on the ground as a kid, after just picking one off the tree and staring up at the sky while you savor each bite. Having a nice juicy carrot, you might imagine the carrots you took to feed the neighbors horses down the road. Have you ever grown your own garden? There is nothing like fresh healthy veggies that you watch develop with your own eyes. Satisfaction! Happiness! Success!

Reality shows are about people sitting on couches or living their lives in very strange and awkward ways that don’t really mimic the average person. People who live in those mansions are not watching television. They are not working a 9-5 and they are not sweating over paying their mortgage. How many times do you really need to see a house getting flipped or watch someone baking a cake that looks like a cartoon character? Studies show that our brains are not even working when we are pacified by the tube.

Television is something that most people would be better off not paying for. Try living without it for a week and see how it changes your life. Remember when you were a kid and mom kicked you out to go play instead of sitting around the house? You had to invent games back then. When it rained you did role play and dress up, or colored and did cut outs or made posters. As an adult so many things can be done without television. 1. Play with your children – teach them the old games. 2. Read a book. 3. Learn a new language. 4. Go out with groups of people (meetup.com). 5. Pick up an instrument – or go get one and learn to play it.

Exercise is something anyone can do, no matter how much they weigh. It is another thing to do when you are not watching television. Walking is free. What parks are nearby? Make a point of going to each one of them within a 20-30 mile radius and walking their trails at least once/month? Absolutely have to watch TV? Buy a piece of equipment and sit it in front of the TV so that you have to use it when the TV is on. Don’t be depressed by that size 3 brunette when you are sitting there watching her while eating bon bons. Tell yourself you can only watch TV if you are working out at the same time. Exercise alleviates depression. Not doing it adds to depressive thoughts.

Meditation. Nothing helps soothe the soul like meditation. Don’t know how? Buy a CD online. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Shakti Gawain are just two names that come to mind of people who’s CDs, I have used. You can go to Amazon and type in guided meditation CDs and be led to one that appeals to you.

The cartoon above is not really meant to be funny. It is actually very true. Unfortunately the sad part is that most doctors in America will not tell you these things. Instead they will listen to your symptoms and prescribe a drug. It is your choice and your body, mind and soul. As my yoga teacher used to say “If more people did yoga, there’d be less people in the hospital.”


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