Channeling Passion into Success

dance moonPassion is important to some as it releases the tension trapped inside our bodies. Some of us are made to be this way, others create it through the use of drugs and alcohol. It is important – no, it is imperative that if you should be built with such a characteristic, you must be conscious of these desires and the impact it will have on others. If not, everyone loses in the end.

There is a false sense of power that is believed to be passion. It is not. Passion is the writer who would spend all hours in the evening writing for the sake of a story that may or may not be heard (bought). Power is the celebrity who is paid to speak their mind but who has absolutely no skills as a writer.

In a relationship there is the person who rules the “partnership” but has no passion for the other. While passion seeps out of the person who has a desire to be loved by the other. I find there is always one who loves more than the other. Rarely is there an equality in love when there is so much passion. When there is, so much chaos from such a fire ensues.

When we are not conscious, when we are blind to our desires, to that which we seek out with such desperation we fail. As we are determined to place the blame on the one who would refuse to give us what we wish for, in the end there is nothing but a bleeding heart and a wounded soul. Often our victor is standing over us laughing at us while we plead for mercy. Because we wish to blame rather than take responsibility – since we only saw what we wanted to see – we are left to wield the sword in an effort to win back our pride.

You can not win a fight if you are not practiced at fencing. Especially if you take up the blade and point it at a master. And if you should decide to take up the art of fencing to win just this battle, you become one with that which you would wish to take revenge on.  If you are equal to the perpetrator them self, you are no better.

To win is to forgive and let go. To win is to admit your mistakes and walk away, even if it means your head is down and that you create streams of tears for miles to come. At the end of the sadness is a ray of light. Once you clear up the confusion your mind begins to open up to possibility and hope. Passion will never let you down in the end. The fire can be doused temporarily but at some point with a new sense of energy you can rekindle the flame. With that tiny flicker more fuel can be added and a new purpose determined.

What in this new year do you need to set aside? What has been yearning to be exposed from within that you have held back for so long? Who do you want to be and at the same time want to let go? Tackle these questions in all good faith and with conviction that you will succeed. Step forward with your eyes wide open and your mind prepared for what lies ahead. Do not doubt yourself by mustering up so much courage that you forget there was once a wounded soul. Have what you want but make sure it is really what you want and not a reflection of a passing fantasy. Don’t look back and be proud of what you have now accomplished. The best revenge is none at all. Feeling a sense of gratitude in your heart for being the better person. Realizing that there is only you – just YOU in the end. Only you can live with yourself.

Don’t make passion out to be something you must fight but something you must love, nurture and grow. Recognize and be aware that it exists. Allow this and dance with it.


What do you think?

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