Consicous Awareness as a Resolution

What the Mayans were really saying would happen on 12/21/12 is that we would step into the Age of Enlightenment. “The end” means something completely different to future seers than it does to religious folks. It simply means an end of something, such as our thinking process and a shift or beginning of a new way of looking at things.

Instead of coming up with “10 things I plan to change this year” and then not doing it as with most years, why not try something completely different. If you could take this year to begin to be conscious of that which is around you and nothing else, you would begin to understand and have an awareness of an enlightened mind. Here are some things I would recommend.

1. Look at the people around you on a given day. Really look at them. Who are these people? Where are they going? Do you take a bus/train or commute? Listen to the voices of these people without talking back. Just be in silence with the communication around you and observe it. You will begin to actually hear and see the people for who they are.

2. Eat your food slowly. What herbs are used for the preparation? Is this comfort food you grew up on or a box that you heated up in the microwave for 5 minutes? For the former, what memories come up? For the latter, how do you usually eat it? Think of your food as it goes into your body. When we pay attention to the food we eat, we begin to want better foods, healthier foods. When we scarf our food down, we often do not even realize it has a taste to it.  We recall the memory of the taste and then it disappears as we quickly get back to work.

3. Park further away from the store than right up front. This gives you a chance to walk and think. Observe the feelings you have about going into this particular store. Do you really want to be there? Do you like coming here? What if you were to walk in and only buy exactly what you came there for? Do you really need the impulse buy? Think about it. Does one need a candy bar purchased from a pet store or office supply store? Do you really need a new deck of cards found at the check out counter? Who benefits from this and who loses?

4. Practicing your religion or spiritual beliefs with passion. Instead of just showing up, think about why you believe the way you do. Is it based on family tradition? Have you actually studied your belief system? Have you read the book of choice for your faith and studied it? Have you questioned it? Does it fit with who you are now as a person?

5. Look at the houses and gardens around you as you drive down the street. How are they kept up? What styles are around you? Do you like the way the house was painted? Do you like the landscaping? If this is your neighborhood, have you met the people who live in these houses?

6. Clean your house. I don’t mean vacuum and dust or wash the dishes. I mean clean up your house, what is not necessary to be there. Is there a box that has sat on the shelf for years that has never been opened? Unless it is family heirlooms, is it really needed? Are there clothes you never wear that should be tossed or given to a charity? Is there paperwork on your desk that you really don’t value? Can you park your car in the garage? Does this make sense? Are there things in your yard that really don’t belong there (i.e, trash, car, old water heater, etc…). Things that don’t belong in the yard will free up space for a garden of flowers or vegetables. Something that will give you pleasure as you look out your backyard. It will decrease the tension between you and your neighbors. Freeing up the garage for your car will give you piece of mind that the car is safe and protected. Getting rid of old things will clear up your energy and put you in a better mood.

These are just some basic steps to begin a new year. Any of these items will begin to take you into an awareness of yourself. By doing so you live consciously rather than day-to-day. Living consciously helps build self-esteem and gives one a sense of happiness.


What do you think?

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