The Aging Beauty

I would recommend this film to mature, beautiful, single women who are over 40. There is so much you could relate to on an emotional level. The movie stars the great Catherine Deneuve and to top the list her own daughter Chiara Mastroianni, is cleverly staged as her supporting actress. The trailer disguises what the movie is about because it only gives you a hint and the hint is rather shallow. This is a very long story, running time 2 hours + a few minutes. While you are watching the film you might feel restless and this would be because it is hitting a nerve. The movie plays with sexuality and opens the doors to psychological conflict. It is rare that good films are made about beautiful women who are growing older. Catherine has done her part to make sure we have someone we can relate to. Once touted as the most beautiful woman in the world, she continues to enchant us. She is cosmopolitan yet at the same time a woman who would feel at home in the countryside. Her daughter is equally beautiful and the film is clear with the timelines and changes in society how sexuality moves forward. Surprisingly within you are treated to a unique selection of songs, sung by the actors, that tell the tales of their woes. The music is sung in a very melodramatic style that reaches the tone of the story. This isn’t a musical, it is very fitting that it should happen though. If you like foreign films then this is one you don’t want to miss. (Netflix – The Beloved 2011, en française Les Bien-aimés)

The credits pay tribute to another great beauty Marie-France Pisier who died in 2011 one month before this was released in Cannes.


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