Listening to Grandma

If you have a grandma, similar to the Dowager Lady Grantham on Downton Abbey, you ought to pay attention before it is too late. Dowager LGThis last episode, the most important line of the show was when Grandma, (Dowager Lady Grantham) went up to Edith, once she was jilted at her wedding. She said something along the lines of “It’s over, let it go, to continue [begging for him to stay] would make more humiliation for yourself. Walk away now.”

Young girls often realize how wise their grandma’s are when it is too late. I remember my grandma telling me she knew my ex-husband’s mother from a bowling league. She said that her husband had been very abusive to her and so will his son. I didn’t know to trust people at that age because I hadn’t been able to trust anyone, at that point in my youth. I didn’t understand the nature of domestic violence. Grandma did but because she was always so strict all the time and relatives complained about this in the family, I just went along with the family’s non-heeding of her words.

This is because we reject those who are older, for not being modern. Because they are not popular.  We don’t listen because our ego is so big and instead we make very dumb mistakes. Later when our grandma’s have passed we look back and realize how wise they really were. We realize that we now have a strong desire to carry on their steadfast ways because it really does make sense.

Grandma (and Aunts/Great Aunts) knows what she is talking about. It might hurt our egos a little bit to listen and abide by what she says. It might mean that you hate her for a little bit (because you secretly know she is right) but later you will love her so much more. If you have a grandma or other elder female in the family who is often laughed about quietly, for her no-nonsense words – pay attention. She has years of experience and can see things you can’t.


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