A Survivors Tale

Yesterday, I thrust an abstract of my novel “Little Girls Should Ride Ponies,” out there for you to view.  There was no explanation, no reason for why it was a blog post, nothing. Just an experiment until I could figure out more to say. When you have written a book, you feel you have said everything and then you realize you have to explain it to others.

This book is a survivor’s tale. Memoirs don’t really sell unless you are famous. This isn’t my memoir though. It is a story about a woman who was sexually abused by an alcoholic father while her mother was hospitalized for depression. It is a tale about how a woman tries to have a life after such an ordeal; with the painful realities of the past continuing to haunt her mind. The novel shows how it effects relationships and causes men to feel put off by a past you had no control of.

“You wouldn’t call my family abnormal; they’ve just been under a lot of stress for many generations.”girleyescropped300(1)

This book is every woman’s story. Even if you haven’t been through this, you know someone who has. You have read about these things and you know it is possible. You want to turn a blind eye to it, because it is them not you. If you don’t read it you won’t have to know the details. You can continue living your life as is.

“How do you tell a complete stranger, a woman whom you don’t know, yet whom you pay $100/hour to listen…ummm… here is my life story?  No, she probably wants a brief summary for the time being.  How do you sum up your life?  Do you give bullet points, like in an annual report? 

  • Sister is a murderer.
  • I got pregnant at 15, gave child up for adoption.
  • Mom hates me.

So this is what happens.  You become successful, start thinking that you’d like to have something more than money in your life, but to do this you gotta sit here and dredge up all the shit in your closet.  Yes, there were demons all right, but I didn’t know where to begin.”

As a woman, you should read this book so that you can listen to the voice of every woman. As a man you should read this novel to build a level of sensitivity toward the young girl who might be your wife someday. Adolescents can read this if they are mature and above the age of 16.

This is a powerful book in the sense that it gives a voice. It begs to be heard. She wants you to know. Little girls should ride ponies, they should continue to be little girls; not pushed into an adult world where men teach them things they don’t need to know.





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