Why do Little Girls end up Pregnant?

In 1980, in Pataskala, Ohio, there were two girls in my senior class who were pregnant. In 2013, 34.2/1000 teens aged 15-19 are pregnant. There are now day-cares at high schools in the inner city. Girls go to school with their strollers. No need for the egg exercise when you already have the real thing.

Since this is WordPress, and I am not that good at getting multiple images to line up properly here online, I am going to use phrases and verbal descriptions of why wouldn’t a teen get pregnant. The words alone are enough to conjure up images shown in the media, heard in music, told to them at school by other kids, what they hear when they walk down the street, what they see on other women. Society teaches them that it is okay to have sex. Society shows them a sexualized culture.

“Who’s Your  Babies  Daddy?” Fox Reality TV show.

“Teen Mom,” MTV Reality TV show.

“Keeping up with The Kardashians,” E! Reality TV show.

“Bridezillas,” WE (Women’s Entertainment??) Reality TV show.

Celebrities no longer getting married and making babies.

Victoria’s Secret

Abercrombie and FitchAbercrombie-and-Fitch4

4-6″ heels

“I did not have sex with that woman?” President Clinton tells the world that Oral Sex is Not Sex.

Oral Sex and Anal Sex are said to keep you a virgin by teenagers.

Catholic priests involved in scandals, abusing young boys.

Child Abuse and Neglect (251 pages, you don’t want to push print).

Misogyny in Hip Hop Culture

Deadbeat Dads

Words used by men (and women) in music, street, schools: Whore, Bitch, Cunt, Skank, Titties, Tits, Bootie, etc…

“I like Big Butts,” lyrics

“Junk in the Trunk,” lyrics






Eating Disorders – seen in women (and men) who have been sexually abused and/or have low self-esteem

Low Self-Esteem (watch any of the Killing Me Softly videos on YouTube)

Peer pressure to have sex


Gang Rape


Gangsta wannabe’s (using the terms, dressing like, parading the symbols in photos)

Entitled Teens

Teens run the household

Teen thongs

Carefree Pantyshields for thongs

Sexual predators online

Size 0

Plastic surgery for teens (no laws prohibiting minors)

Cults having sex with kids (more pronounced via the web)

“Real Housewives of…” (women see that it is more fashionable to be married than have a career)

“Bad Girls Club” (Oxygen network)

Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes

“50 Shades of Grey” (article about teens reading this)

Its all about sex. No matter where you look around teens are blatantly having sex in ad campaigns, watching videos which are no more than soft porn, dressing sexually, dressed for sex, listening to music that tells you you want to have sex and makes women out to be low-class citizens. All of these items above, not just one or even two are seen by or effect young women today. What is a young girl expected to think with these images and these voices?

More and more children are brought up with no dad and with young girls it effects them emotionally and often they try to find someone who will love them, take care of them, provide them that missing masculine energy they so desperately want in their lives. Boys have no men to provide them with role models and they end up in trouble, trying to fit in to society. The bad boys are attractive to the young girls. They give them the sense that they are in control, that they know the ways of the world, that they are going to be different than what they had growing up, they are going to change things. Don’t think parents that your two-parent household is immune to this. Your girls are looking at these same bad boys.

If a girl is not taught self-respect, if education is not the priority in her life, if she feels less than others, if she is abused, if she is taught that her brother is better than she is, she is going to look outside of herself for someone to give her love, to make her feel like someone. That person is not going to be mature enough or wise enough to know what is best for her. Birds of a feather. These girls attract the same, immature boys/men who need to feel good. The boys/men want sex, the girls want emotions. Emotional bonding just doesn’t happen when you have this split paradigm between a couple.

Boys refuse to wear condoms. Girls refuse to use birth control. Babies are born.


What do you think?

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