How to Handle Drunk Girls

This email is a link to a very quick video created by Adam Mordecai. It is very important to watch and pass around. And then read my message below.

However, if your teenagers are planning to have a party in your house:

1. Parents YOU should be responsible enough to provide responsible Adult chaperones. Preferably you.

2. There should be NO Alcoholic beverages with minors on site.

3. If the two above suggestions occurred the Steubenville rape case would not even be a topic of concern.

The message here is Don’t Let Your Teens Run the Household! Who are the adults in the family??

And if they throw parties while you are out of town, make sure you have neighbors whom you are close to and have agreements with that will keep an eye on your house and call the police when impromptu parties occur. Don’t worry about what other teens parents allow them to do, worry about what you allow your teens to do!


What do you think?

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