Do you have Ghosts in your House?

Sometimes the topic of Ghosts, Spirits or Energy comes up in therapy. I often will turn people on to Mary Ann Winkowski who wrote the book “When Ghosts Speak.” I have read this book myself and found it to be very good and educational. Mary Ann talks about what to do if you have these mysteries and cleansing your home.

Often when I am talking to people about this it is also to help them to realize there is nothing to fear. Sometimes I have shared a story myself and people will say “Didn’t that scare you?” I will answer something along the lines of “But it was my best friend, why would she scare me?”

Many people think of Ghosts as something you see on Halloween or scary movies. However, I do not watch those type of shows because I know it is untrue. Ghosts do not appear as white sheets, nor do they jump out of closets. They appear in different forms which is more than I can explain in a simple blog. It is however why I used the terms earlier when I said Ghosts, Spirits or Energy.

Ghosts are merely spirits left behind trying to get closure before going to the other side. Sometimes they are stuck in houses for very long times. As Mary Ann points out, their energy is the same as it was in this world. If they were bad people here, they are there. But the difference is, you have more power than they do. You can tell them to go away or leave you alone and they will. Unlike dreams, you are awake and very conscious of what is around you – if you are able to sense them. Ghosts can be seen, felt, heard, or smelled and come in various ways. Not all take on a human shape. Read Mary Ann’s book or some other person you might find next to her at the store or online. If it interests you this much that you have read down to here, then you should explore the topic more.

One caveat I learned long ago, don’t try to summon them. Allow them to come to you if they are meant to be with you. If not, let them go. Don’t bother them when they are transitioning and preparing for whatever they are meant to do next.


What do you think?

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