Write for Your Soul

When Dr. Lisa Mowrey, a distant colleague, sent me an email to let me know about this workshop she was giving in FL, I immediately responded. Did she plan to do this training in Ohio and if not, could she train me on how to do this? “I’d be delighted” she said and within a few weeks we met up at her family home here in the Columbus area.

Write for Your Soul is a psychoeducational writing workshop that helps connect us to our inner voice through guided writing exercises.  Dr. Mowrey trained with Ira Progoff and has been leading this workshop for the past 23 years, which she designed based on his teachings.

As I sat down with Dr. Mowrey and began to take notes, I quickly realized that she was going to take me on a journey by having me do the workshop myself. One by one, she led me through the exercises and I wrote for my soul. I wrote things I had not imagined I would say and I have been journaling my entire life.  I have notebooks that I have kept for several decades but none that could quite capture the unconscious needs as this workshop experience did. My most favorite exercise was the future progression. This is one in which she takes you on a guided meditation five years forward. It was really comforting to me to see the things that I saw along my own journey. In fact it has sat with me in my mind since that day. I continue to think on it and feel a sense of peace within.

As a psychotherapist, I have practiced some of these exercises with my clients and found that it has been quite beneficial to their growth. It has enhanced treatment and helped them to talk about things which had not been discussed before. I even did the future progression with a young person with amazing feedback from them on what they saw. As with my own experience, they felt comforted by what was possible for them based on the images they received.

So of course, we are going to be giving this workshop together for the first time this summer on July 20, 2013 and then I will continue to lead it here in Ohio in the future. Meanwhile, if you are in the Sarasota, Florida area, you can take this directly from Dr. Mowrey. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed.

Write for your soul. Come for the experience…

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