For Men who are Fathers or who Take on These Roles

Today is a day when we remember the men who have behaved responsibly and lovingly toward us and have helped shape us as human beings.

Some of these men are not biological parents. Some are not even parents but they have been there for kids and their single mothers. Some will never be dads but they have stepped into someone’s lives and given them a mentor – someone to depend on when they need them.

Some fathers have been tested by chaos and frustration. They have been separated from their children. They have lost their children or have had really tough times. Yet no matter what pulls them apart, they never waiver on their devotion to their kids. On the memory of their loved one.

No matter what these men have been there for their children or another person’s child and have gone the distance. Patience or impatience, learning and growing as a person and a man, doing whatever it takes to get through the struggle.

A child does not need toys or even a two parent family. They just need to know that they are loved and cared for unconditionally by another. They need to know that if they are faced with some inner turmoil, there is someone there to talk to and lend them a hand. Love, commitment, guidance, faith, values, strength, consistency.

It takes a lot to be a good man.

Happy Father’s Day to any man who has been up to this challenge and has persevered.


What do you think?

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