Spiritual Love

Many people in the western hemisphere believe that the Kama Sutra is a book about kinky sex. Instead, this is a book about love and utilizing your sexual energy to achieve nirvana. This is about reaching a spiritual consciousness between the union of two souls. Sexually when two people come together they can create more than just another human being. The energy of these two people combined, when initiated properly and with intention can take the relationship to a place very few people will ever imagine.

To have a spiritual love with a partner you have to be ready to commit to more than just sex. It is more than just communication and family and friendship. This is something that is given words in a ceremony but most people forego for the sake of ego and shallow regard. It is the reason that most marriages and relationships fail. We have to want something greater than just a union and a ring, a white dress and a picket fence.

Spiritual love is born from two people consciously undertaking their life together and being committed to something greater than they can imagine. It is about two people being committed to life’s challenges that are thrown in their direction and learning lessons from them.

Every lesson that is presented in this relationship must be handled with care and attention knowing that it has been given to your union on purpose. The universe knew what it was doing when it brought the two of you together. No matter how strange the course of your journey may seem, the two of you must undertake to grow by listening to the challenge and treating it with the integrity that it deserves. It is an individual lesson as well as a partnership lesson.

What needs to happen to achieve this is that you treat the person you have met as a lesson, the moment you meet them. What can you learn from them and what do you have to teach them? It is important to have conversation in the beginning, not just lustful intrigue. Sometimes we are guided to people where at first we don’t understand the reasons why. They don’t fit our mold or listening of what we had in mind. When we can step outside of our shallow self and truly see that person in front of us, they ultimately become a very beautiful human being. The universe does not make mistakes when people are put on our path.  If you are guided to someone there is a much greater power at work here and you have to take steps to nurture it. Sometimes even to step back from your ego, release the energy you have created and then start fresh. Letting go of someone temporarily, in order to achieve a greater union, will happen if this truly is someone sent to you.

Also, anyone who is brought into our lives is there for a reason. We must determine though, whether this is a short term lesson or a long term relationship. Allow yourself to be guided to this answer. If this person is here on a short term basis, it is obvious – the red flags are there. Your lesson is to let them go rather than determining whether or not you need to “fix” them “with your love.” If this is a spiritual partner, you won’t need to fix them because you will begin to experience love for them, just as they are. However, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be separations and renewal. Spiritual lessons often cause lots of conflict as our ego causes great struggles. We often fight with what is right in front of us, challenging rather than allowing ourselves to trust the process.

Conversation between a man and a woman is a discovery process, just as it is when you are in bed. A meeting of the minds, of two great minds, will make for a much greater union sexually. It is important to get to know one another and develop a respect for that person. This is different from having chemistry and feeling lust. You must truly listen to what the other person is saying and look at how you can support them in being who they are. If you want to do this you are going in the right direction. If you don’t have an interest in this, than you need to walk away. The challenge of being in a relationship is realizing that there is work to be done here. There is so much energy that occurs when a couple comes together. Use this energy to create a powerful force. Nurture it along the way, give each other the space to be themselves and don’t take things for granted. Every day should be a conscious living day so that you are aware of what is happening around you. So that you are ready when the time comes to meet the challenge put in front of you.

Spiritual love is a love that lasts for as long as it is meant to and in this time period you use it to grow, accomplish, cherish, learn, be guided and develop self-awareness as well as couple awareness. Honor this mission and thank the Gods for putting this person in your path.


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