Near Death Wake Up Call

Recently, I received a wake up call when a person, a). did not have their headlights on (11:30 pm) but b). they also ran a red light. This was while I was heading off my exit from the freeway and going 40 mph to make my green light. Luckily I have anti-lock brakes as I did not see the image of the car until the last-minute. When you are more focused on the impact of the collision, I still do not remember hitting the brakes, there is a serious lesson to be learned here. I was not meant to die, though at that moment I thought I would, later I sat with the metaphysical reality of the situation.

You see, I do not believe in accidents. I feel that when something happens in life it is meant to be this way to alter the existence you have been living in and change it slightly or radically, depending on the nature and extent of the “accident.” It may not be your fault but this is only because the Gods have determined that you DO indeed grow and re-think the path you have been heading down. I am no stranger to accidents in life as I lost a young brother at the age of 16, back in 1987. No one in the car (there were three kids) died except for him. It was his time to go. Naturally I did not look at it quite so energetically at that time, but I did understand this intellectually when it occurred. Every person in my families journey was significantly effected from this and in different ways.

I am bringing this to your awareness so that you take every strange moment in your life as a lesson to be learned. Not a time to go into denial and hide under the covers of your existence. This is not easy to do, even when you know intellectually, as I did. I made a life decision in 1987 which shaped my life very negatively until only a few years ago. Had it not been for a person returning to my life, not a coincidence, I would not have remembered this decision. After speaking with this person, a key was stuck in my conscious mind and opened up a memory I had safely tucked away. Once the door was open, a flood of thoughts re-surfaced that had been there since that day. I was finally able to have that final closure with this event. I also learned a valuable lesson about being stubborn during times of crisis.

What can you do when an accident or coincidental moment occurs? Say to yourself “What am I meant to learn from this?” that is, if you haven’t already had the epiphany.  Another reason it might be going on is to distract you from your thoughts. Sometimes people have accidents because they are dissociating from life.  You might think of this as “spacing out,” or driving on “auto pilot.” Sometimes you might have racing thoughts in your head about issues you are facing in your life. The accident wakes you up and forces you to focus your attention on your self or stop obsessing over whatever is in your mind.

Naturally this explanation does not go over to well with the insurance companies, so it is best left to discuss with a trusted friend – or therapist. It is also not fun to have this knowledge about people and drive on the roads and highways. Everyday there are many people driving around unaware, unconscious, and now they are using their cell phones (with their hands and texting) to assure the rest of us we are going to have to pay extra attention to the zombies on the road. I have never actually caused an accident in my life nor have I been at fault. Though I have been involved in several, one of which I was not even in my car. Two have been from people stealing autos and then not knowing how to drive them. I certainly have a reason to argue that “it is not my fault.” And it isn’t on the surface. However, on a higher level of thinking, a message needed to be sent to me and for some reason the Gods determined that my dreams (which I am very good at analyzing) weren’t the best way to get the thought imbedded in my head. Of course I always give thanks for the lesson, though I have questioned their need to use cars.

The lesson here is 1. Be careful when you are on the road and remember that you are not alone in the world when you operate a vehicle. 2. What can you learn from the incident? 3. Be determined to get the message and put the action into gear so that you will become a better person. 4. Don’t become a philosopher or psychotherapist – too many lessons you have to learn so that you can teach others.


What do you think?

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