Miss Representation

This is a trailer for a very important documentary in regards to the way women are portrayed in the media and how this continues to push down and keep out women in power. It is very important that we as women and as men educate ourselves with films such as this when thinking of the way we raise our boys and girls.

When I grew up there were standards in the media and also certainly ways in which women were portrayed. However, while the past may have kept women in a certain role, it is much more difficult to deal with how women are viewed today on television.

We have to put a stop to the objectification of women in media. It will happen when you take a stand about how your own daughter and/or son views these programs on television and other forms of media (i.e., video games, rap music, movies, websites, etc…) you are the parent!

Almost every woman who comes into my office, whether she is an adolescent or an adult, have issues of concern about their bodies. Heterosexual males that I meet in my office – for the most part, do not even think about their physique.

The majority of the problems in relationships, however, or in finding the right one are really an issue of boundary setting and communication. As women, we tend to use our bodies as a bargaining chip in getting or keeping the right man. Men who have body image issues (rare) use it to pull away from the relationship or woman they are attracted to.

A good relationship between a man and woman is certainly going to begin with an attraction and chemistry, though what I view and what you view as attractive are different based on our personalities. Chemistry/pheromones have nothing to do with looks but the energy that keeps two people drawn to each other. Once you begin to talk to each other, this is the most powerful aspect of sealing the deal and continuing to build on something. The communication makes a difference in whether you will just have sex (based on the chemistry, attraction) or will have a long-term commitment. Boundary setting will determine how long that relationship will last and whether or not it will be happy or based on on-going compromising and selling yourself.


What do you think?

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