Transformative Writing – The Workshop

On November 9th, I am hosting a workshop at Dublin Springs in Dublin, Ohio. This is an all day workshop designed to bring us to a more awakened state of consciousness about our current life struggles through guided meditation and movement. We will hold the intention that our room is sacred and our words that we will speak, kept confidential. Whatever you contribute to the community that day will be voluntary. What you take when you leave will be life-changing.

What is Guided Meditation? We close our eyes and sit up straight with palms open on our laps. We listen as I speak to you and take your mind on a journey. As you listen your mind will open up, you might intuit things or have visualizations based on what you hear. When I finish I will have you write for 15 minutes about this particular exercise.

People often go very deep in this process. Amazing things are written down. Thoughts that help one to contemplate what is next for them. It is also a very exhaustive process and this is where movement comes in.

What is movement? What I do is help allow you to move your body with the process that has just occurred. We don’t normally allow ourselves to move creatively or spontaneously. However, when we do this, it helps to ground us, especially when we have been through a deep intuitive process with writing. There are no rules for movement. You think about what has just occurred, with your arm and hand to paper and the ideas you have come up with. Then you allow your body to move in the way you are feeling. You come up with a creation all your own that expresses the moment you are in. In other words, instead of writing, you are moving and telling a story that is only known to you.

When I was taught self-reflective movement it was without music. In a workshop with people who are not used to this type of concept, I will have music in the background to help with the stillness in the room. I think music also helps give people permission to move. As we are not here to become somatic psychotherapists, as I was at that time, I want to keep the space fun and relaxing. If you are in this state of mind, you will allow yourself the freedom to experiment.

This workshop is rewarding, self-fulfilling, intense, and even frustrating at times. There will be breaks and a lunch (everyone brings their own version of a “brown bag”). The event is open to any adult who feels ready, mentally, to explore and try something new. The day will be one you won’t soon forget.

The link to register is above. I hope you will come and join us on this day. The room is limited to ten participants so that we have a more intimate experience.


What do you think?

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