Don’t Shop this Holiday, Tell a Story

When I hear children say to me “I don’t like history, what is the point of it,” this tells me that their grandparents are not around to share the stories. Or, if they are around, they are spending too much time worrying about Black Friday rather than keeping up the traditions of old. I have also seen grandparents sitting around a restaurant table with their family, everyone on an Ipad. Where will this lead?

Holidays are not about shopping, except of course for the food to put on your table.  If you have time off this holiday season, spend quality time with your family. Make popcorn balls, bake cookies, create garlands, show off old films of childhood, bring out the photo albums and tell what is happening in the photo or do scrap booking. Indulge your children now – while you can – in a holiday classic they won’t soon forget. The memory of the [insert surname] family traditions that they can pass down to their own loved ones some day. What children really need more than anything is love.

The movie above is a Dylan Thomas film about a grandfather sharing a story of holidays past with his grandson. It is rich in history and filled with the warmth of love you could hope for in such a touching Welsh classic. This film is available on Amazon and you can view it here or on You Tube itself. A rare film to find and one you will want to add to your list of classics to show each season.


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