The Knight in Shining Armor

Who rides horses these days anyway? If you own them and live on a horse ranch, that is one thing but otherwise, I don’t see many of them around. The knight is a warrior who is going to be off at war somewhere, battling for power so that the king can have more land.  All those fairy tales that are beautiful to read and give young girls hope and older women goosebumps, do you ever wonder what happens the next day? Snow White, Cinderella, the guy has known them for a couple of days, sometimes it is just a kiss on the cheek and then they are thrust into this expensive wedding and the movie is over.

It was the story of Princess Diana that finally made me wake up and smell the coffee. She is the first royal fairytale that made feminist history by speaking up.

Her wedding looked exactly like all those Cinderella stories. Then we found out her husband had been sleeping with another woman before during and after their marriage. I get a stomach ache every time I see Camilla photographed with the royals these days. I want to cry as I see her holding the baby, standing there at the wedding, and Lady Di is nowhere except a ring on a finger. It is Princess Diana’s story that moves me more than any other and it is a story that should cause all of us to wake up and smell the coffee.

Mariah Carey thought she would try to imitate Princess Diana (before she was divorced) and made the designers copy the gown. This marriage ended in a divorce too. Warning: Don’t try to copy people, you don’t know what they are like on the inside.

For men I write this: When you reach out to “protect” the vulnerable woman you must realize that your arms are going to get tired over time. How long will you be able to reach out? Will it be reciprocated? Do you really want someone who needs to be taken care of, when, in this day and age, you can find someone who is your equal? This job can get really weary, when the need to be protected continues to up the ante.

Being a knight made sense in days of old when women had two choices in life 1. Marriage, 2. Spinster. There were very few jobs a woman could get and this was not acceptable to a woman of privilege.  1. Prostitute, 2. Governess, 3. Washer Woman, 4. Seamstress.  She had to choose a knight over love because if she chose love, she might end up getting a job. This story only became romantic because of writers who penned stories to put their kids to sleep at night. Perhaps it was the early manipulation of young girls by their dads, making light of the challenges ahead.

So I ask you, what is the point of continuing to chase after a man like this? The knight. Does he even exist? Usually when I deal with women whose husbands are in the military, police, air, or some other long distance travel for work, they aren’t too happy. Long distance relationships very rarely fare very well. In the age of internet, a guy and a gal can take advantage of their loneliness very easily.

Marrying a prince, King, it isn’t going to happen unless you just happen to be involved with royals or live in a tiny country. Marrying for wealth – what is his personality going to be like? He will have been raised as a spoiled child and will be rather boring in his inability to have any sense of self or pride. Since he is used to being catered too, he won’t have any knowledge of why he should take care of others – he can pay someone to give you gifts, if he even thinks about it. Of course if he doesn’t think about it, his assistant will and can explain that it is protocol and will look good if people find out he has given gifts. This guy is also a child at heart and who wants to be a babysitter?

The women he has been with will be those who are only in it for the money. You’d have to wonder what type of woman does this and should you be vaccinated ahead of time? He will do much better with someone in his own class, someone who understands him and the lifestyle. She will want to combine the wealth, build on the families power and the genes of course will produce good heirs. Don’t buy into this story about the current Duchess being a commoner. She came from a very wealthy family. She most definitely was not on the dole and she does not speak with a cockney accent. What it means is that she has no royal genes, that is all. Common people in the UK are not living the life of privilege that she has known. She does however have a sense of humility and frugality and this gives her a touching image of elegance and stability. She also seems to have excellent skills in diplomacy for the way she appears to have good relationships with her in-laws. She was definitely raised with social graces, wit and charm.

When a guy is nouveau riche, he is uncomfortable with money and either sticks it up his nose or burns holes in his pockets. A person who is new to money does not generally have any class, though I will give him some respect if he has taken training on how to behave in society. Of course there are some who were just born with common sense but don’t expect this. Intelligence and luck have got them where they are but because they have money, they want someone who is easy to deal with. This means lots of compromising – on your part.

If you are looking for the right guy, you won’t get any tips from watching television shows about trophy wives who beat each other up. Your role model won’t be girls competing to have sex with the one guy who happens to be single in the mansion either. Families who petition to get on a television show to make money 0ff of their lives have an extreme sense of entitlement and no sense of self.

You will find the right guy by looking at your self and determining what you like and don’t like in a suitable partner. You will find him by hanging out at events that you enjoy, because if he is there, he does too. You will find him because he looks at you and comes up to talk to you and has respect for you. He will continue taking the time to get to know you and will be interested in what you have to say. This isn’t a one time conversation in the back of a car it is an ongoing conversation of getting to know one another before you actually become intimate. Building a friendship is the key here.

If you absolutely must find the Knight in Shining Armor and are not paying attention to anything said here, than at least do two things – get a degree by going to college, not signing up for a class online and learn to speak another language. This puts you above most other women and provides  you with admirable skills. Men are intoxicated by intelligence. If they are not, you don’t want to be with them anyway. A man who does not find interest in a woman with capabilities, is a worthless sort who will end up nowhere in life.


What do you think?

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