Alternative Practices in Ohio

Gift of Light Expo  is coming to Columbus this March (the link shows other cities in Ohio as well). This is a nice way to get a taste of various holistic treatments by talking to those practitioners that interest you and learning more about them. Most will be doing mini sessions at low costs so you can spend the day being pampered and catered to. Many of us who became holistic practitioners began by attending these events.

I remember my first adventure at the “Whole Life Festival,” in Los Angeles in the 80’s. At that time, due to the location, I saw one up-coming and now famous actress and I watched the wife of another big celebrity write a check for something else. It was quite neat. You won’t get this in Columbus but this isn’t the point of attending. The first time I got a chance to attend something like this, I learned about a world I was just beginning to be curious about.

Back then, I had already been engaged in hatha yoga practices for a half-dozen years. I was seeing a holistic doctor and taking vitamins. At the festival, my introduction to Kundalini Yoga occurred. I spoke to a lady who owned a store called “‘Objets d’Art and Spirit,” which was on La Cienega Blvd at the time (across from the Beverly Center). It looks like she has now moved to Sunset Blvd. At her original store, we ladies gathered in the back room and awakened our Kundalini energy with various asanas and engaging in what we call “breath of fire.” This was to have a huge impact on my life.

Gift of Light Expo will also have mini workshops on various topics. There will be tarot readings, mediums and other psychics. This is a place to let your mind wander and soak up lots of unique and interesting information that you might have thought about before but weren’t sure. If you aren’t in Ohio and are reading this, check in with your own states convention centers to see when something like this will be coming to you. Or just pop down to your local occult shop or metaphysical store and ask.


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