Technology and the Relationship to Self

Today’s couples are being destroyed by their fingers and thumbs with secret texting, email accounts, online pornography, cell phones. It is not even in the closet in some cases as they are doing this right in front of each other; on their beds. Modern technology is destroying lives more than ever before. Where we once rolled our eyes at shoppers who had no cell phone etiquette, now we can be baffled by families who lose all sense of identity, values, concern for self by being addicted to a computer. Is this the real world now? Have we lost all sense of self control?

What is happening is that people have learned that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want and it doesn’t matter who gets hurt in the long run. The narcissistic impulses are motivated by reality TV. People with no talent who suddenly crop up on your screen with nothing of value to add but plenty of soul smashing piquing a voyeuristic delight. On the same token zombie Sci-Fi has risen to a new glory which mirrors our society of the moment. Where will this all go? What is the future of this hedonist lifestyle?

We make fun of Republican Christian families who have managed to cherish homespun values with religious fervor (not all of these people have 19 children) and put them down for holding on to beliefs that have been sacred for centuries. People who actually have manners and dress like women and men and children and behave somewhat responsibly in society. Forgetting that there is such a thing as freedom of religion and speech. Even though I am not of their culture, it does not mean that I should not respect them for maintaining some decency in our world of freaks.

We have come to a place where we idolize pipe dreams and are walking away from spirituality. When we do embrace spirituality, it is only to create a cliché and somehow turn it into fashion, a marketing scheme, a capitalists dream come true. How to become rich selling yoga to the masses.

The modern self is a lost soul. Taylor Swift says “Blank Space.” I would say a blank page. And with a blank page you can begin to write – on paper, with pen or pencil and begin to feel your body once more. Return to the body, embrace the self, breathe. Become conscious of the self so that you can see the world around you once more – outside of the box on your table or lap or that thing held between your fingers.

Stop and smell the roses

Before there are no roses to smell. With hybrids, it is often difficult to find a flower that has a scent unless you are walking in the woods – untouched paradise, aside from the trail and the rangers station, there still are places that are sacred to all, no matter what you believe.

We should all be grieving now, except some people don’t remember, have never known. Some are focused on a screen and it hasn’t even occurred to us how ridiculously small that screen size has become.

Put it down because it is already too late but you can still make a change. You can be the one who sets the pace and makes a difference in the world by demanding a better future for your self and your family. If you don’t have a family find people around  you to spend your life with. In the real world, not online. Cherish your partner, your children, your friends, your family and embrace them before it is too late to know who they are and before you lose them and have nothing left. It won’t be easy to turn this around, not as easy as stabbing at keys with your thumbs but it will be a challenge that you will feel gratification from in the long run. Life is not meant to be easy, families are not a TV show, you are not the only one in pain or feeling alone, or with this ailment or this life. Embrace what you do have and become an expert in it. Figure out how to be the best at who you can be, with what life has dealt you, with what you have chosen to have. Choose to have love, wealth, health and happiness and don’t expect this to be what you see online. Don’t expect – create with what you have. Take responsibility for your life. Own it. You don’t need to “share it” with anyone except those around you who matter most.

This means people in your house.


What do you think?

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