What I would Expect of Feminists in the 21st Century

As a professional woman, I am a little surprised at where we are today, 15 years into the new century. I would expect to see more women dressed in professional clothing, to imply that they are intent on getting ahead in their companies. I would expect to see fashion houses creating clothing for a mature professional woman. I would expect that fashion for the corporate world would have created some interesting new styles and that suits for women might have evolved into something that expresses our femininity and allows us to be fashionable as well as practical. I would expect to see women putting their voices into action through innovative companies. I would expect to see more women getting involved in politics. I would expect that actresses, who are famous, would be creating production companies that make films for women and focus on our history and stories about women in power. I would expect to see top models creating modeling companies that protect young women and work to end exploitation. I would expect to see female students being a little bit more responsible for their future and setting higher expectations about the men they choose. I would expect to see more books for women to help teach them how to be a professional woman and get what they want in life. I would expect to see more successful relationships from the increase of women going to college. I would expect to see TV shows that portray positive female role models with good storylines and in positions of power. I would expect to see more films covering women’s history (all of it) and showing women in storylines that focus on their intelligence and their ability to balance their role in career and home. I would expect women to be astute at setting boundaries and asking for what they want in a diplomatic way.

Instead, I see women dressing down at work in more relaxed fashions. I also see women out on the streets in 4-6” inch heels and tiny skirts without panties. I see more tattoos on women than I do on men. I hear women more intent on having babies and bashing women who are interested in a career or don’t want children. I see relationships continuing to have a high divorce rate because sex is so important and courtship is a foreign word. I drive down streets where the campus is on a Friday or Saturday and see girls that are obviously hoping to get laid that evening. I see women on dates dressed to impress and men dressed like they are ready for a job at the factory.

Human Resources positions show 71% are filled by women, so why is it that we still have the worst maternity leave of absence then other developed countries? Why is it an issue for women to breast feed at work in some companies?

Who has run for President since Shirley Chisholm (1972) and before this Victoria Woodhull (1872)? We had a couple of women who were brought on board to be Vice-Presidents. It was probably done to be politically correct and to, of course, get votes. The Dole’s both put their head in the ring for a couple of minutes and then backed down. Now we have Hilary, whose husband brought us all “Made in China,” ruining our country in more ways than we even want to imagine.

I see women constantly complaining about what rights they don’t have but I don’t see them doing much about it. Actresses are not turning down films because they feel that they don’t represent women in a positive way. Where is an Actresses Guild to protect young females in the industry and to make change in the kind of movies that are made representing women? We have a modeling TV show, by a top model but it is about teaching women that they have no choice but to do what is wanted by the industry. Where is a Models Guild that focuses on helping young women in this industry so that they aren’t taken advantage of? Why are fashion magazines continuing to show women in clothing that does not represent a career woman but a lady of the evening? These magazines, you might know already that are run by women.

Why when we have so many different types of birth control, moreso than in 1960, 50% of pregnancies are unplanned? How many young weddings have you attended lately where there wasn’t already a child? At the same time almost half of all marriages end in divorce.

We are continuing to pay more than a thousand dollars/year to watch cable programs that exploit women that they are choosing to be in and women are anxious to watch. When I am in public, all I see are gadgets in front of people, in their ears, at restaurants while eating dinner with families, while on dates, while walking down the street, and while driving. Parents complain they don’t know how to take responsibility for their children’s viewing yet they are not setting standards by their own actions. Couples complain that their partner has no boundaries with regard to social media.

I know my expectations are high; it is because I am just confused about the world we live in now. I feel as if I woke up and realized I haven’t been paying enough attention or haven’t really asked these questions enough before. I have been so focused on being mindful of my own actions by not paying for cable, by buying only American as much as possible, by not being on social media (except for business), by creating my own business to help other women (and men and children), by writing a new non-fiction to help educate women, by showing up for work dressed like a professional – even though it is my own business and by trying to live a good life.

I want to say to American women, because European women are already on board with these things, that they have more power now than any other time in the history of women. This is a time when we can make so much change and have what we want, yet we continue to spend our energy complaining and whining about what we don’t have. We continue to be so focused on finding a man to “complete” us even though we have the wherewithal to have the man we want but we are too impatient and desperate to have him in bed, to have his child to keep him, to not be alone that we end up with nothing but exactly what we didn’t want. I want to say to American women, men are not to blame for what we don’t have in our society and we need to take responsibility for what it is we need and want.

Focus on what you can do, instead of what you can’t do and start making change by putting what you want in place. If you don’t understand, read some books about women in history, who stood strong against obstacles that you can’t even begin to relate to because you take these things for granted now. You have the power to do what you want and have the life you want. You don’t need a man to do it for you.


What do you think?

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