My Zazzle Store – EnlightenedGal

I have just opened an online store for merchandising related to my book “You Don’t Need a Prince to Lead a Charming Life.” The products are focused on the title of this book which I think is a terrific way to get women to think consciously about their future.

The website is

The products being sold are:

Charm your friends throw pillow

Tote your voice (large and small tote bags)

Assert Yourself phone case (IPhone)

Have a cuppa independence coffee mug

You are the change mouse pad.

All with the photo: princefinalminus my name at the bottom. These are great gifts to give to the young woman in your life who seems to need some direction or is starting out in life and could use some solid advice about going forward in a successful way. She will be making a positive statement to the world. Asserting her independence and showing others how strong she is as a woman.

Of course if you would like to purchase the ebook, to read more, you can buy it on Amazon, Smashwords, or your personal favorite ebook store.

Two key thoughts are focused on in the book. 1. How to set boundaries and 2. Asking for what you want. I have found that most women are raised not learning these things and instead spend their lives with the wrong person. As women, we are raised to be caring and nurturing to others. We take things personally as a result of this and often feel it is our fault in the relationship. Then we try to fix the relationship hoping to make it better. In this book, I talk to women about finding out who they are, forging a career, getting an education and THEN, looking to find an equal partner to spend their life with.

It is a time in our lives where being a woman is something to celebrate. However, there are so many negative stereotypes challenging us at the same time. This book and these product messages push back and tell the world that “I am not about selling myself to men but about having a life. A life that I create myself.”

Why be a princess when you can be a queen. Queen of your own domain! It’s time. It’s your time. To have the life you have always dreamed of.



What do you think?

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